St. Joseph The Worker Church

Parish Youth Council

The Parish Youth Council is an organisation comprising of young individuals in the age group of 16 to 30 years that either attend lectures in college or take up exciting roles at their workplace.

As it is rightly said that the youth are the future of the Church, it only goes to show how important a Youth Group is to the Church. The main purpose of the PYC is to empower every youth of the Parish to actively serve the Parish community through innovative ways in order to develop self skills and confidence making them ready to face the world full of challenges.

Being part of the PYC strengthens bonds of friendship, inculcates a sense of responsibility & drives enthusiasm levels.

The PYC meets every month on either a Saturday or Sunday the day & date being subject to an upcoming activity but a monthly meeting is always on the agenda.

The PYC organised one of the biggest events of the Parish i.e. Parents Day which is an annual event. Other activities include organising Orphanage & Old Age Home Visits, participation at the Deanery & Mumbai level youth cell activities, Beach Clean Up drives, Neighbourhood Carol Singing, Sports Tournament’s, Career Guidance Seminars, Skits and the list of activities goes on.

The PYC can keep boasting about themselves and the activities they conduct and how it helps nourish each member but the same can only be felt once you join the group. The PYC is always in need for new and young minds to join the group & help each other grow in faith & active community service.

The PYC is motivated and guided by its dynamic Spiritual Director & Youth President Fr. Arul Mannikam & the Youth Animator Melroy Alphonso. The office bearers consist of active & enthusiastic individuals listed below:

  • Jane Fernandes: V.P. of PYC & Dioceasen Level Youth President.
  • Thomas Biswas: PYC Secretary
  • Vinita Castellino: PYC Jt. Secretary
  • Jerry D’souza: Treasurer

Do join the PYC. For any inquiries please contact Melroy Alphonso or Jane Fernandes.

Cell Incharge: Jane Fernandes